Enter Camp Bow Wow Halloween Costume Contest— WIN FREE DAYCARE!

Enter Camp Bow Wow Halloween Costume Contest— WIN FREE DAYCARE!

The Halloween weekend is upon us, and Camp Bow Wow is ready to have some spooktacular fun! Join us in our first Halloween Costume Contest and you may win a free day of daycare. Enter the contest is easy. All you have to do is paste a pictures of your dog in costume to the following Facebook post and then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! The picture with the most likes (on this post) wins!

The deadline is midnight on Friday, November 4.

 Click this picture, and be redirected to the contest Facebook post.


The winner will be announced on the morning of Tuesday, November 1!

Good luck, and Happy Halloween!!

How to properly trim your dogs nails

How to properly trim your dogs nails

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, there are several consequences to letting your dog’s nails linger. The first being intense foot pain. When the paw presses against a solid surface — hardwood floors, concrete walkway — its nails are pushed back into the nail bed, which in turn either puts pressure on the dog’s toe joints or forces the toe to twist to the side.

Below is a chart from The Hydrant that illustrates the proper way to clip canine nails.


There are three basic categories of nail clippers for dogs: a scissors type, a guillotine type and a medium or large pliers type. Neither works better than the other, so pick the design that you’re most comfortable with.

Whichever style of scissors you choose, the ideal time to trim your dogs nails is going to depend on the activeness of your pet. Usually, young active dogs — especially those that often run or play on hard surfaces — tend to need their nails cut less often because the elements somewhat naturally file the dog’s nails down.

Older dogs tend to end up with long quicks, elongated nails and often extremely hard nails. Nails can also grow back a bit deformed if there has been some sort of trauma to the nail bed, such as when the dew claw has been caught in something and torn.

If you’re not up to the task yourself, Camp Bow Wow Near the Woodlands Area offers nail trimming services with our bathing packages or à la carte for only $10.

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