Pet Parenting 101: Keeping your dog groomed between groomings

Pet Parenting 101: Keeping your dog groomed between groomings

Don’t you just love when your pet has the glow of a fresh, shinny coat after a visit with the groomer. It can be tough keeping those nails fresh and that breath smelling minty in the weeks that follow.

We have some recommendations that you can do to maintain your pet’s beauty.


Regardless if your pup has long or short hair, you should always brush their coats once or twice a week to prevent tangling and ease shedding. A great recommendation for long and short hair breeds with heavy shedding are the FURminator and a pin bristle brush.   

Regular brushing helps prevent matting, tangling and clumping, which may lead to a painful grooming session for your pet.

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You should brush your pets’ teeth with a tooth brush to prevent tarter build-up, which can become increasingly harmful to dogs as they get older. Keep in mind tarter build-up means bacterial build-up, otherwise known as gum disease or gingivitis, according to animal lovers with the Pet Health Network.

Also, you can combat stinky breath by using dog mints as a treat or a mint spray.

Trims and nail care:

Consider buying  a pair of grooming sheers. Trimming the hair around your pet’s mouth, eyes and tail will help maintain their trim, while also keeping hair out of their eyes.

Be sure to get sheers that have a round tip for safety purposes if you’re not a professional.

When the touch ups just aren’t doing the job or it’s coming near your pup’s next appointment, visit our grooming salon where we provide several luxurious grooming options such as yummy blueberry facials.

To set up an appointment, give us a call at 832-482-2299.

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